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Beautiful handmade baby gifts.  We thank them for their support in various communities!

From the section: Free Patterns & Links

Easy Strip Pieced Blanket
Susan Finch
This is one of the easiest binkies to make.  It takes about 4 - 6 hours, depending on how you do the binding.

Use your scraps, stash, old sheets, jeans - anything goes!

They just have to be soft, washable and no special care required other than lots of hugs.

The sunrise quilt below was done with a lot of smaller pieces left over from other projects.  This was a bigger undertaking, but all doable by younger people and less experienced sewers/quilters.

Yes, that's my boy there with the grumpy face.  Austin, meet the group.  Group, this is Austin.

Savannah and Katie the Worlds Greatest Babysitter are with him.

This is one of my favorite combos of colors.

This is me below in the yard after Savannah's Binky Birthday party. We made 52 blankets that day!

They were all delivered to local area shelters and hospitals.

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