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From the section: Opportunity Drawings

Southeast Missouri has First Opportunity Drawing
Brenda Goad
Southeast Missouri Binky Patrol held their first Opportunity Drawing in November of 2011.  The ladies all decided on a patriotic theme since the military is prevalent today and some of us had children in the military that were deployed. All of the ladies helped make the quilt by making the squares. The center piece was a vintage piece donated by a chapter member.

We worked on the quilt for about four months.  It had children on it which we thought was appropriate for the work that we do. We voted on what to name the quilt and decided to title it " Children of Freedom 2011".  Everyone was very excited about the quilt and worked very hard on it as well as working hard to promote it to get our donations. It took a lot of team work and everyone in the chapter got out there and pushed for the donations.

We all had pictures to show of the quilt. Some of the ladies even had samples of some of the blankets with them that we have made and showed them as well. We went to businesses and all of the ladies talked to people they knew as well as getting family members involved. It is amazing how people respond when it is a good cause like making blankets for children. We all had our Binky Patrol brochures with us as well. I was amazed at how enthusiastic everyone was. It was a lot of hard work but worth it. It also bonded us all as a chapter.

The winner was Joann Boyer of Arnold, Missouri.

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