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Step-By Step Instructions on making crocheted edging on fleece, flannel, or canvas
Fast, fun alternative to the tie blanket
Samantha DeMato

Making blankets is fun, fast and easy! Get yourself a crochet hook, and some fleece and you're ready to go! Tutorial below: 

-Sharp, Pointy scissors 
-At least 1 Yard of fleece (no black backgrounds) 
-Size I crochet hook works best 
-Worsted, Sport Weight, or cotton yarn 
-Painters tape 

Let me just say this before we get started... I could never figure out how the crocheted edging got on the blankets, when they came into my chapter, until I played around with some fleece one day. For those of you confused too, there's this. On with the tutorial! 

Measure 1 inch from the edge along the entire blanket, and place painters tape. Take your sharp, pointy scissors; taking care not to poke nor cut yourself in this process, and hold the blade open gently. Using your scissors, poke a hole 2 centimeters apart around blanket.
Holes should be small and barely noticeable. 

      Now that you've done that, time for the FUN!! Take the yarn color of your choice (not black), and your size I crochet hook, and crochet a shell stitch (DC 5 in each hole, no chains in between), in every hole around blanket. When you get to the corners, DO NOT crochet, just chain 3, and continue crocheting on the sides! 

When you are done, go back to and on the upper-right hand side there is a drop down menu. Click that and select your local chapter from the menu, to schedule a drop-off. 

Thanks for reading!


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