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A Sad Month for Binky Patrol in Florida
Susan Finch, Founder
I would like to thank Angela and Dominique Ranieri, and Barbi Parent who have done an AMAZING job representing Binky Patrol in the state of Florida. They always complete their chapter reports, have a lot of success receiving and delivering blankets to children in need of comfort in their state.  Their chapters have been with us for years, but we are no longer able to support the tax requirements by the state of Florida and their Agriculture department who manages non-profits. 

This is what happens to small, all-volunteer non-profits who don't have a lot of cash, but accept donations of clothing, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals.  This is viewed as INCOME by Florida.  When we receive a lot of blankets across the country, Florida thinks they have the right to tax us based on the NATION rather than just what their state receives in donations of binkies.

This is indeed a sad month for Binky Patrol. We've had representation in Florida since we started, but the past several years has depleted what little cash flow we have in actual cash for the entire country and over 100 chapters.

We will miss you, Florida, but not your government. We hope our existing chapter leaders will connect with the organizations who receive their binkies directly.

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  • Taxing non profits?? (gruder, 12-25 )
    Florida's government needs a wake up call! Let's get a petition going nation wide!!

  • Florida (makowski, 06-28 )
    I too am very sad to learn the news about canceling the state of Florida. When I started the chapter in Lake Wales in 2003 never in a million years would I have thought that the state would cause us such grief to give blankets away to the children who were in need! I am also very sad that my chapter had to shut down after giving away over 5,000 blankets in 7 years because of family and health problems. I will always stand tall telling people that I am a proud to be a member of BINKY PATROL.I'll be giving blankets away again knowing I am helping the children in Florida with Binky in my heart. To you Susan and all the volunteers----keep up the good work! Yvonne Makowski

  • FL (svoboda, 06-28 )
    I am very sorry to hear of this decision. I can understand Binky Patrol reason but feel the FL government needs to step back & take a look at the big picture. Binky Patrol helps so many children in need & it is a sad, sad situation. Being a chapter coordinator takes dedication & many years to build a following only to have the government impose so many rules they make it impossible to stay viable. Thank you to the FL chapter Coordinators & their members that have spent countless hours making binky's to comfort FL children.

  • Florida Taxes (soto, 06-27 , Ratings: ••••• )
    I feel that if the government can get away with it they will and do what they want. It doesnt matter that the people suffer for it as long as they get what they want it is a sad day when you cannot even have a non profit without having them want money. Dont we pay enough with our taxes? I say it is a crying shame and shame on the US goverment!

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