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From the section: Ways to Help

Need Community Service Hours? We've got you covered!
Susan Finch
  1. Use our drop-down menu at the top to find a chapter near you.
  2. Contact that chapter leader directly and ask them how you can help.
  3. If you can't find a chapter near you, contact BPHQ: about volunteering.
  4. Make blankets, help on our website, host an event - it all counts for HOURS.
  5. When you are done, your Binky Patrol contact will verify the hours you spent.  Fleece blankets take less time than sewn, quilted or crocheted. We have hours set for each type of blanket.
    1. Basic strip, sewn med-large blanket with batting and backing - simple in a quilter's eye: 2 hrs each.
    2. No-Sew Fleece - large: 1 hr each blanket - I've been testing and they don't take long to cut or tie.
    3. Crocheted - small, simple pattern: 4 hrs each blanket - depends on pattern.
    4. Knitted - small/med, simple - 5 hours each blanket - depends on pattern.
  6. Send/give your verification form to the Binky Patrol contact to fill out on your behalf.  If mailing, send with a self-addressed-stamped envelope (SASE) to speed up the process.  Turn it in with your blankets or ship it.
  7. If you PURCHASED materials for this project, give the Binky Patrol contact your original receipts stapled to a quick note explaining what they are and your address, etc. so we can issue you a tax receipt for your donation. Postage counts, too.
  8. We receive the blankets, forms, etc. and send back your receipt and form.
  9. YOU have MADE A DIFFERENCE in the life of a CHILD or TEEN who needed comfort - YOU DID IT! 
  10. Want to keep doing it?  We've LOVE IT!

TIME is NOT tax deductible - EVER. Only the materials you use to create the blankets you donate if you have the ORIGINAL RECEIPT. You can count the miles you drove to shop for the materials and deliver the blankets. That's all. Charity miles are less than business miles. If you donate blankets, we have set values for various types and sizes.

ALSO - ALL expenses related to this, including postage are 100% your responsibility - there are no funds, no up-front coverage of ANYTHING by our chapters. We were bitten once and will not be bitten again by a dishonest volunteer eeking out her parole hours. 

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