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Quick-to-make Fleece Blanket Instructions!
Materials: Fleece fabric, scissors
Marlys Vaughan

Dear Potential Volunteer,

The Binky Patrol is looking for volunteers to make blankets out of fleece. 

You do not need to sew! All you need is some fleece fabric, a pair of scissors and a little bit of time.

Cut the fleece into blanket-sized pieces. The following should be adhered to for sizes.

We used to say 'Any size', but recent feedback from foster moms - not wanting to sound ungrateful - is that binkies need to be at least 36" x 36" and up to twin bed size for the older teens. They should all have a Binky Patrol label sewn in any one corner. Labels can be provided to any volunteers who can and are able to sew the labels on the blankets. We also use smaller binkies 24 x 24 (or close to that) for burial sets and for some people that prefer a more friendly size for car seats and strollers. It will depend upon the needs of the recipients of the binkies.

Using the scissors you cut 1" strips like fringe into the edges of the fabric (about 4-5" deep), then simply tie the fringe in a square knot. 

You can also layer the fabric, using two pieces of fleece placed one on top of the other, cut the 1" strips through both layers of fabric, then tie the corresponding strips from layer 1 and layer 2 together in a square knot. 

It's an easy project that can be done as a family, a group project or individually. 

Once your blankets are done, simply contact me for a drop-off or mail-in location near you! It's that easy!

Marlys D. Vaughan
Director, Chapter Outreach and Web Support

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