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Interested in Starting a Chapter?

Thank you so much for your interest in possibly starting a Binky Patrol chapter in your area.



If you do start a local chapter, you will choose where your binkies are delivered to, keep track of binkies in/binkies out and keep National Headquarters updated with quarterly reports filed ONLINE.

Some of the fields are so we can see how clearly you communicate. You will be asking for donations of materials to help your chapter, and possibly filling out grant requests. We have to make sure each chapter leader can communicate clearly, punctuation, complete sentences, not all caps, etc.

This is a minimum of  a year commitment.  We will require that you have a phone number and an email address without a spam filter response listed on the website.  We also require that you or your co-AC have access to a computer to interact on the website regularly. SmartPhones aren't quite enough - you need to be able to login to the  full site and read materials, participate in the forum and submit your quarterly chapter report online. This is non-negotiable, sorry.

These inquiries are followed up on once a month.  If you miss the cut-off for this month, you will be contacted the following month.

Please fill this form in so we can see if it is a match for all. A chapter leader is the local "Binky Ambassador" and represents all of us. You, as a chapter leader, would be responsible for your own fundraising.

If you fill out this form, this is no guarantee that we will approve the start of your chapter.  There are many factors that come in to play.  Please DO NOT start to represent yourself as a chapter leader of Binky Patrol unless you hear from us via email that your chapter is up and running on our website.

Please read more about these responsibilities under the link: Ways to Help above.

At this time we are not accepting new chapters in Florida due to the paperwork requirements by the State of Florida.   Alternative organization:  Project Linus.  They may be accepting them in Florida.  We're sorry for this news. 

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