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Our Mission Statement

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2012 - 2014 Corporate Board of Directors

What's a BINKY?
A binky is a homemade blanket that can be sewn, knitted, crocheted or quilted.  They range in size from 3 feet square up to twin bed size.  (Sometimes we get requests for smaller binkies, 2' x 2' for our little Preemie babies, stroller size and our Binky Angels.)

Our History

Who Makes Binkies

Sewing With Nancy Invited Binky Patrol Founder, Susan Finch to be a Guest
Several months ago, Susan Finch was interviewed by Nancy as a guest via Skype.  Click the headline  to see the video.

Binky Patrol Just Turned 14 Today
Susan Finch, Founder
Piles and piles of binkies!Give a shout here to celebrate Binky Patrol turning 14 today!  I almost forgot until Area Coordinator, Sue Ochoa reminded me.  Thanks Sue!

It's been a fabulous year.  I'd love for all of our chapter leaders to post their anniversary comment below.

Piles and piles of binkies were what this past year has been about! 

We took in more binkies during the past four months than we had in three years!  It was AMAZING.

We've met new people, added new chapters, said goodbye to a few friends and added new sponsors.  Thank you, everyone for adding to our success as we continue to make blankets for children in need of comfort.

Binky Patrol Founder, Susan Finch is now a Published Author with, Dino Manners
In addition to volunteering for Binky Patrol, being a Girl Scout troop leader and a full-time web developer, Susan Finch made a lifelong dream come true by publishing her first book, Dino Manners.

This is her first book. It is illustrated by Alison Seda.  They have been working on it for over a year have been enjoying in person signing and reading events.

Dino Manners can be ordered directly from Susan Finch and signed by her.  Visit the book website: or see a preview on YouTube: or visit them on Facebook: - become Theo's friend. He'll friend everyone! He likes being a good friend.

Christmas Afghans delivered to Families Forward
Carolyn Berndt

Binky Patrol Featured in, "Quilting For Peace" by Katherine Bell
Susan Finch
I received a beautiful letter in the mail with an amazing book, "Quilting for Peace" by Katherine Bell.  This book is a compilation of more than 25 inspiring essays and 15 charity projects.  We were interviewed so that we could be included in this lovely book.

Not only does it tell the stories, but gives patterns for some easy and beautiful projects.

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