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How to make a binky with fleece with Heather Kraafter
Susan Finch

Susan and Heather Kraafter talked about all of the ways you can get involved making binkies, kids, too, community service, churches, companies and more while they make a binky online with fleece and scissors only.


Good Morning Carolinas Spreads the Word About Binky Patrol
Susan Finch

Find more videos like this on My Quilt Place
Melinda King is getting out there to ask for more volunteers.

Join one of of our chapters to help comfort these children!

Beaverton MLK Bink-A-Thon a HUGE success!

195 Blankets, 110 volunteers, 6 hours. AWESOME way to spend MLK. 2014. It was a way to bring together a lot of ages. 

It's a fun event to host - think about is in your area - gather a bunch of people with SHARP scissors. SHARP - really, or they will all be "borrowing" them from those with sharp scissors.

Get some fabric donated, including sheets from local hotels, cut aways from clothing manufacturers, interior designers - just so it can be washed and is soft. Gather people with machines - they can all plug in and GO, GO, GO!

What Binky Patrol Is, What it is NOT.
Susan Finch, Founder, President

There are two sides to the faces of Binky Patrol: Those who receive binkies and those who make and deliver binkies. Most people know we give to ANY CHILD or TEEN in need of comfort - there is no judgment as to why they need comfort, what caused their circumstances: rich, poor, sick, sad, hurt, Christian, Muslim, LDS, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, athiest, gay, straight. Don't care, don't care, don't care.  Same goes for our volunteers When someone has a giving heart, the time to make a difference and they can spell, compose a good sponsor letter and press release (or can get a volunteer who can help them with their chapter) - we want them! THE KIDS NEED THEM! We need people who step out of themselves, their pettiness, their smallness and look at the unselfish picture and mission of touching lives with a gift to remind these recipients they are LOVED and not INVISIBLE.

Do you hear that? We want all types of volunteers. Just because I'm Catholic and my volunteers are various other denominations, creeds, etc. still makes us all the same if we have the same non-egotistical, non-judgmental mission to HELP BRING COMFORT TO CHILDREN AND TEENS IN NEED. This is the end of this discussion. It's not open for debate.

On the pity pot? Lonely for a group of quality people? Just moved somewhere? We may be your organization. A lot of freedom, but some pretty strict guidelines. Most of them are stated above. If that works for you - WELCOME!


Susan Finch, Founder

Hands On Greater Portland
Dayle Gruder

Binky Patrol’s Portland, OR chapter, run by Susan Finch, our founder, partners with  Hands On of Greater Portland twice yearly for Bink-A-Thons In March over Martin Luther King weekend, there were around 100 volunteers busily sewing and pinning blankets. This April, on Comcast Cares Day, they produced 190 binkies together in conjunction with donations of meals from Comcast employee/volunteers and donations of coffee from Starbucks. Some volunteers return every year while others are new to the events.

The partnership began in 2009 and there have been 8 or 9 big events since. The blankets go to Northwest Children’s Outreach, a non-profit volunteer run clearing house for donated kids’ clothes, blankets and toys, serving children in the four county metro area around Portland.  Melia Tichenor is the Hands On Volunteer Leader and the Eastside Program Manager. 

If you’d like to know more or donate toys,  clean clothing in good condition or help out at one of the BAT’s you can contact her at (503)200-3370 or  the Binky Patrol Portland Oregon chapter through the chapter list on our home page. Great work, folks!

Ernalee Munday, Marysville, Washington Chapter AC
Dayle Gruder

October's 2012 Chapter in Spotlight
Samantha DeMato
From changing Area Coordinators, to winning awards, I will show you this month why the Santa Monica chapter of Binky Patrol is so unique!

US in Top Ten for Premature Births
Samantha DeMato
The USA has almost 50% of all births prematurely, making it among the top ten in the world for Premature birthing.

A Sad Month for Binky Patrol in Florida
Susan Finch, Founder
Due to the state's practice of taxing non-profits based on their NATIONAL income, we can no longer have chapters in Florida. Our income is binkies.  If we have several chapters who make thousands of binkies, Florida requires we pay taxes on THOSE binkies that don't even go to Florida and were not donated from Florida.

Binky Patrol Celebrates 16 Years!
Susan Finch
Binky Patrol is now 16 years old! WOO HOO! Some of you have been with us for years and years. Some of you are newer. We have gone from printed newsletters and bulk mail accounts to being green and online. All the while we have made binkies, binkies, binkies to deliver to children and teens in need.

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