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Drawing on Squares with Fabric Markers
Susan Finch

Two ideas to do with fabric markers and Sharpies - great for events.

You will need FABRIC MARKERS, SHARPIES, cardboard or old mat board (optional), masking tape - the brown kind or blue removable, scissors, coffee cans, rubber bands and a spray bottle with denatured alcohol & water mixed. REALLY!

Downloadable Patterns
Dayle Gruder

Links to More Patterns

Quick-to-make Fleece Blanket Instructions!
Marlys Vaughan

Easy instructions for making fleece blankets.

Free patterns from Yarn In Yarn Out
Samantha DeMato

No-sew fleece with crochet edging
Sue Ochoa
Crocheted edging on fleece.

Free or Cheap Stuff, sources for Material and other Links
 A variety of links to help you locate supplies at discount prices. These are suggestions only, as we have not "tested" the sources.

Easy Strip Pieced Blanket
Susan Finch

An easy and free way to find Knit and Crochet patterns
Sara Ewen

"I found a link to you through the Lion Brand Newsletter.  I thought I should tell you about an easy and free way to find knit and crochet patterns, I have been using it for years to find free patterns."

Stretchy tube fabric - PERFECT!
Susan Finch
Sometimes we receive odd fabric as part of a donation.  It may work for clothing, but not so great for binkies, unless you think outside the blanket!

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