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Southeast Missouri has First Opportunity Drawing
Brenda Goad
Southeast Missouri Binky Patrol held their first Opportunity Drawing in November of 2011.  The ladies all decided on a patriotic theme since the military is prevalent today and some of us had children in the military that were deployed. All of the ladies helped make the quilt by making the squares. The center piece was a vintage piece donated by a chapter member.

Opportunity Drawing to Benefit Home Group Chapter of BP - October 22, 2005
Susan Staebell
thumbnail of opportunity quiltThis quilt was awarded at the Opportunity Drawing on October 22, 2005 at the Bink-a-thon in Santa Ana, CA. 

Opportunity Drawing to Benefit San Jose Chapter, October 2004

San Jose Chapter of Binky Patrol had an opportunity drawing:

The winner of the opportunity drawing was Inez Guerriero of Gilroy, CA. Congratulations!

Southern California Opportunity Drawing was Held December 20, 2004
Susan Finch
 Three quilts awarded December 20, 2004.  All donations received to benefit Binky Patrol Home Group chapter.  These quilts were created from monthly block-of-the-month ideas and assembled by chapter volunteers.  Click the headline to read who won!!