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What is a Bink-A-Thon
By: Susan

A Bink-A-Thon is an event where a large group gathers for one day to make as many blankets as possible to be given to a local shelter or hospital. There are stations set up for sewing, tying the blankets off with yarn, painting squares (younger children love this part) and just organizing the fabric.

Bink-A-Thon How-To Do List: Have your own event
Miriam Siegel & Susan Finch
 Learn how easy it can be to have a Bink-A-Thon.  We have it all planned out with ideas based on 15 years' experience.  It's fun and can be easy with a team!

Tips from the Trenches for your BAT
Susan Finch
We've been having regular Bink-A-Thons in Beaveton, Oregon.  Here are some tips, reminders and lists that you may find helpful if you want to have your own local Bink-a-Thon.

PDX MLK BAT - 1-15 and 1-17-2011
Susan Finch
Mark your calendars and rev your sewing machines for the next Portland, Oregon Binky Patrol Bink-a-thon, on Monday, January 17th (MLK Day itself!) where we will again be working towards a goal of making as many blankets as possible in just a handful of hours. The blankets we make will find their way to families with children in need of comfort and warmth.

2010 Villa Park, CA Bink-A-Thon
Carolyn Berndt, Director
Villa Park Bink-a-ThonOn Oct 3rd, Villa Park City Hall was buzzing with volunteers making ultra soft fleece blankets for children in need of comfort. The group turned out 35 blankets in less than 3 hours! Adding 20 previously made ones, 55 in total were given to the Kinship Center, to help Orange County foster children. “It’s always so heartwarming to see the community, and especially so many kids, joining together to support such a great cause!” said event coordinator Carolyn Berndt.

2009 List of Chapters Hosting a Bink-A-Thon
Susan Finch
This year, our Bink-A-Thon will be, Sat. 10/25/2009
The list will begin to build in July/August.  These chapters will be hosting events to make as many blankets as possible that day to deliver to their local area shelters and hospitals.

BAT 2006 - 11 years and still a lot of fun!
Diane Lembcke

South Orange County Bink-A-Thon Broke Records
Susan Roush

Laguna Beach High School's library seems to be the perfect home for Binky Patrol's local Bink-A-Thon.

70 volunteers, including over 35 students and girl scouts helped to make this event so successful.

Garden Grove Bink-A-Thon a Success!
Nancy Healey

Our Bink-A-Thon was a great success.

Temecula Chapter Bink-A-Thon Success!
Submitted by Dana of the Temecula Chapter

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