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Donating yarn, donating fabric, donating batting
Susan Finch

Our chapters all have different wish lists. There is a dropdown menu on our site of the current list of local chapters. These are our only official chapters. Usually they will be happy to help you out if you are donating yarn, donating batting, donating cotton, fleece or flannel fabric.

PLEASE find the chapter near you. They can all give you a donation receipt for your donation of clean materials from smoke free homes.

Need Community Service Hours? We've got you covered!
Susan Finch

Kids, teens, adults find themselves needing community service hours from time to time.  This can be for school, a service organization, referral by a local judge - it doesn't matter. We look at it as an opportunity to expose an unlikely volunteer to Binky Patrol, and show them how easy it can be to make a difference AND meet community service requirements.

One Chapter's Success Story
Rhonda Green, AC 12 Years.

I joined in June of 2002 and most of the members are original members when Sheri Adelman started the Calabasas Chapter in the Summer of 2001.

(photo is Rhonda Green, aka "Binky Kit Princess")

Add Binky Patrol Content to Your Website
Susan Finch

Add Binky content to your blog or site.Click to see the options of ways to easily bring in RSS feeds from our site, customize content to bring into your site, etc.

Our website has the ability to create custom feeds of headlines, events, ads, content that you can easily add to your website by copying the code from the fields below. It will include a title, headlines that link to a new window to our site. LEARN MORE BY CLICKING THIS LINK >

Banner Ad Space Available on
Susan Finch
Want to reach a targeted audience? Consider donating $100 - $300 to Binky Patrol for the year and have your ad on the home page either at the top or in the right column of all inside pages.  The money will be used for events, batting, Girl Scout patches and more.

How to Make a Binky and What to do When You Are Done.
Susan Finch
This article is in answer to a many emails from people who say they want to help make blankets, but don't know how to donate them, where to send them, etc.  Please read this article to get these answers.

Area Coordinators Past and Present Making Binkies
Susan Finch

We want to know where you Binky online!
Susan Finch
We want to hear from all of you with your fabulous online sites, postings of how you make a difference through sewing, knitting, crocheting - even if you are not in Binky Patrol.
Please, Area Coordinators, login and make a comment in this article with your link, information, twitter, blog, etc. so everyone can read where you talk about Binky Patrol online and if you want, include your regular meeting information: location, dates, time, contact email.

Anyone else, please shoot me an email if you have any posts for Binky Patrol to share your good works!

UCLA students make blankets
Sue Ochoa

Binky Patrol is Seeking Not-Necessarily-Crafty Volunteers
Susan Finch

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