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Sales Lead Management Association - Proud Sponsor of Binky Patrol
We thank them for their support in various communities!

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Children's Lifesaving Foundation says, "WOW!"
Susan Finch and Sue Ochoa

Children's Lifesaving Foundation helps at risk and homeless children and teens transform their lives through education, compassion, and living assistance. Our Santa Monica Chapter donated a bunch of binkies to these teens. Teens are the ones most underserved by programs such as ours because people always seem to like to make little items that are cute for babies and toddlers. The teens need binkies more than ANY group we serve!

A thank you note
Marlys Vaughan

A little comfort goes a long way in an emergency.
Marysville Fire District Foundation newsletter
This article was published in the Marysville, WA Fire Department's newsletter.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU
Sydney McCutcheon

Still loved after 5 1/2 years
submitted by Christy Crider

Friends of San Onofre Marines Help Deliver Binkies

Two Year Old Finds Comfort in Binky After Getting Some Bad Medicine

Girl Scouts Make a Difference for the Daughter of a Soldier


90 Degrees and They Still Wanted Binkies

And Rebecca Rose Makes Six!