Bring in Binky Patrol Content to Your Website

Our website has the ability to create custom feeds of headlines, events, ads, content that you can easily add to your website by copying the code from the fields below. It will include a title, headlines that link to a new window to our site.

Below are three easy ways to bring in content. They all have the headlines from 5 sections on our site. If you would like to have content from another section this way, or events, or ads, let me know and I'll create a custom feed just for your needs. It just takes minutes.

Fill out the form below with your request, or copy the content of one of the first three fields to use the feeds we already have. This is similar to an RSS feed. We also have those available for your site or blog if you are looking for content. 

Our RSS addresses are as follows:

They will display for you in Chrome, Firefox and IE if you go to the link directly. But if you add it to a WordPress Widget for RSS, it will display the article headlines and abstracts.

Binky Patrol news:

Binky Patrol Kid Ideas and Kid Stories:

Binky Patrol How To for patterns, etc.:


articles from news section - 5 articles with abstract.

5 articles from Ways to Help section with abstract

5 articles from What is a Bink A Thon? with headline only.

Request code for another section, events or other content with different parameters.

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